Monday, March 24, 2008

Simple Way To Gain More Page Views

So far I have concentrated on gaining new visitors , but we can also gain more page views and if we have advertising a better chance of our visitors clicking an advert.

When we create a post generally the post is about something we have knowledge about and often we may have posted some more but different information about that subject in an earlier post.
There are two distinct advantage to including a link to an earlier post

1. Provides our visitors with additional information.
2. Creates an additional link for Search Engines and if the page we provide a link to is viewed as related to the page it is on will gain even better importance.

Like all things moderation is the key because too many choices may confuse or overwhelm our visitor, Also if we add too many links the Search Engine may think we have pushed the envelope to far and discount the links. So the secret to success is think first of all for your visitors and the rest will follow.

Below are a couple of good examples of embedding links to an earlier post

1. You have created a post about how well your Gardenias have done with a couple of great photographs . ( Now you grew these from seed and wrote a post about planting the seeds early in the spring ) so put a link in your post back to that post about planting the seeds.

2. You have written a post about a great curry recipe and how well it has turned out , now you may well have posted earlier about another curry recipe so put a link in your post to that recipe for your visitors .

3. Here is an actual example from this site the post was about Self Promotion Tools and towards the end I included a link to an earlier help guide for Google Reader.

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