Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Working Together As Bloggers

One of the things I have noticed over the past few months is that the professional bloggers ( those who make a living from blogging ) not all sectors is this possible but some are.

They have specific things they do which the ordinary blogger does not.

1. Quote each others blogs with links embedded in the post
2. They will often review a subject and put links to 2 or 3 other bloggers posts related to the subject
3. They will often act as guest bloggers on other blogs and return the favor.

I talked earlier about using links inside a post to other related posts to gain traffic on your blog , the same thing applies but even better if you can send your visitor out to another blog ( It is very much a you scratch my back I will scratch your back thing ).

OK so why do it and what are the gains when it would appear you are sending traffic to your competition

1. Provides a service to your visitors
2. Search Engines like to see links to similar pages and counts the link as a plus for both you and the page you are linking to.

Like all the things I have talked about all things in moderation so do not do it unless it provides something good for your visitors ( gains from Search Engines should be secondary.

Now one final piece of the puzzle giving a good description for your links is as important as the link itself. If you look at the link I have in this post to an earlier post I had the option of saying "here" or "links inside a post to other related posts to gain traffic" both are equally good for your visitor but the second is much better for SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) because you are telling the search engine what the page is about.

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