Sunday, March 23, 2008

Self Promotion Never Hurts

I am an avid believer that your success in blogging and adding a wider audience is based on your participation in the blogging community.

It is not just about you writing great posts about your own specific area of knowledge but taking the time and effort to read and comment on other bloggers posts.

So today I wanted to talk about first can be best

I am going to use my Food and Cooking latest posts widgets as an example you will find the widget below this post or if gone from here find it at The Power Guides Home Page.

I do not run a food and cooking blog but love food ( don't we all ) and my daughter is home from college informing me she does not like eating meat . Oh for the joys of youth and education and video's on some of the worst examples of how we treat our animals for food.

So On To The Show

The advantages to using something like our latest posts widget are that you may well be first to post a comment and if your comment seems well informed on the subject other visitors to that blog may well decide to visit your blog to find out your views , ideas or knowledge on that subject.

You do not have to use The Power Guides Widgets to achieve this you can create your own just from the blogs listed on your blog roll ( Find how to create your own latest posts widget ) Google Reader Help Guide

So if you have a blog on Auto, Artists, Bird Watching, Clothes and Fashion, Environment , Farming , Fishing, Food, Gardening, Horses and Teaching and education think about adding our Latest Posts Widget to your blog.

Not only are you providing a great little feature for your visitors but also will help you to keep up with other bloggers in your category.

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