Sunday, June 22, 2008

Warning For WordPress Bloggers

Hi all you WordPress Bloggers just a check you might want to do if you run a Wordpress Blog To Check your blog is not hacked

Search Google for something the name of your blog or distinct description from your blog

Click on your blog from Google Search results

And Check it goes to your blog

If you have been hacked it may well redirect to a "mega search" site or another site which could be even worse

Just one more tip if you just type your blog name it will work fine only problem is when someone finds you in Google Search Results.

This is a hard hack to spot as most times bloggers will type in their own blog address so not even realize it is happening

Check you are running the latest version of WordPress and pop over to the Wordpress site for more help and to upgrade


Friday, June 20, 2008

Set This Guest Book Up For Bloggers

I created this as I thought it would be pretty cool to share .

I have created this to share with the great family of Horse Bloggers

But is also ideal for

Birdwatchers, Artists, Fishermen, Fashion and Clothes, Food and Cooking etc

Get 1 person to create it ( Find It on Slide )
then get others in your community to host a copy as well , great way to share within a community. PS I set it up for verify to stop spammers hitting it

The Front Picture I have used is of
Wild Horses on the Range from The Bureau of Land Management.

You can upload your photos of your horse or horses to share with other horse bloggers and you can get the code to add to your blog to get even more horse bloggers to join in.

I have enabled verify so we do not get spammers just adding c???, so may take couple of hours before you appear .

Guest Book Users do not have to enter email address to add your photo and greeting only if you want to be updated with latest guests

You do not have to have a blog to leave a photo or comment in the guestbook

PPS Great Idea from On The Bit to add your Blog Address I never thought of that

It comes from a site called slide .

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Changes To The Way You Can Use Internet

This blog post tries to explain some of the implications for YOUR internet access following the passing of the Cope Act , these are my own opinions and I would be quite happy to be corrected if I have got it wrong.

To give it it's full title
Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement Act (Cope Act) 2006.

Congress passes the Cope Act by 321-101 votes.

What Is the Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement Act (Cope Act)

The Cope act is a major overhaul of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 with a large number of changes some good and needed but some which may well cause the largest changes to how we are allowed to use the Internet once we have paid an ISP for a connection.

Below I have included the most important part of the act and an example of how I believe it will effect ordinary subscribers and how some subscribers are being affected today.

Network Neutrality

What Is It

Network Neutrality broadly means that once you have paid for your subscription to the Internet how you use the access is up to you, and all service speeds ( the speed a page or download is delivered to your browser ) are free and equal of limits via the ISP'S.

What Effect could it have on your Internet Access

  • The company who provide your Internet Access Could define which VOIP ( Voice Over IP Telephone Service ) i.e. block those they do not supply.

  • The company who provide your Internet Access could define where you download music or video from.

  • The company who provide your Internet Access could even in the worst case define which shops were available through your connection at high speed and which were not ( Possibly Only Companies who payed the ISP would be accessible ).

  • The company who provide your Internet Access could even in the worst case define which search engine you could or could not use.

As you can see unless a form of Network Neutrality is put back in the new bill, the internet we all use could change.

Current use of this ending of Network Neutrality is being used by Comcast who are slowing down certain protocols for example the BitTorrent protocol because the BitTorrent protocol is used to transfer large files including full-length videos partly because it competes with the cable company’s own video-on-demand and television offerings.

Current ISP Problems

Like all things there are two sides to any story and currently 10% of subscribers to ISP'S can easily use 60% of the available bandwidth making access slow for the rest of the subscribers.

Removing Network Neutrality should not be used as the answer as it could and will be used by some for the monetary gain. If ISP'S wish to address the issue they should begin offering a service which is based on users usage ( not how it is used ) this would possibly make Internet Access cheaper for most placing the cost on the heaviest users.

below is a video which although very biased does give an idea of the worst case scenario unless the situation is changed.