Saturday, March 22, 2008

Why Blog Name and Post Title Important

What's In A Title

I was thinking about this today while I was working through some new blogs to add and it struck me The Blog Name, and The Post Title are your advertising slogan for that wonderful post you may have spent an hour writing.

I will take some examples of Good Blog Names and Post Titles to try and explain

The Blog Name : In The Garden
The Post Title : Yucca, Another Good Plant for Winter

Now let us suppose you had never heard of this blog before but found it in a feed or from Google Blog Search Latest Posts for gardening

You may well find the combination of Blog Name and Post Title enough for you to visit and read the blog

Now lets take another good example
The Blog Name : A Drawing A Day
The Post Title : Little Brown Teapot

Once again if that is the only thing you see it entices you in to read the blog and look at the drawing

( Just as aside but quite important , I suspect when this blogger went to start his blog A Drawing A Day was not available ) his blog is actually but when he was setting it up he called the blog "A Drawing A Day" not as good as if he had obtained but it still works

Now lets take a Bad Blog Names and Post Titles and see the difference

Blog Name Greenbow
The Post Title : Hope For Mush

Now this is an example of how just a minor difference in blog name and post title would make the post so much more appealing

Greenbow is actually the name from a blog registered as
It would have been better to have called the Blog Greenbow Gardens

Hope For Mush is about the writers Hellebores are taking a beating this winter.

Now the chances are that if somebody read that they would not understand what the post was about but with a couple of changes (1) to the blog name and the blog title it becomes so much more enticing
Blog Name : Greenbow Gardens Post Title : Hellebores taking beating this winter

Both of the gardening posts above were well written and informative but one would gain more visitors than the other just because of the Blog name and Post Title

I will point out one more thing that is also relevant and that is all Search Engines use title and blog name as part of the way to decide what the page / post is about so a well crafted name and title is well worth the extra time and thinking .

These are not set in stone but as readers are used increasingly to monitor Blogs the Blog Name and Title becomes more and more important.


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  1. 1. Avoid stuffing of keywords in title; the keywords should be placed in the beginning.
    2. Write title keeping in mind the user, what are the users typing in general
    3. Write a title such to give the page a heading.
    4. Do keyword research before writing title tag, so you can include most important
    5. Write title in a proper sentence.
    6. Every page should carry unique title
    7. Make your Title tag short and targeted for some particular keyword