Sunday, March 23, 2008

Other Forms Of Blog Promotion To Gain Traffic

I have touched on using

Stats Tools to gain more traffic
Blog Rolls To Gain More Traffic
Latest Posts Widgets to gain more traffic

So I thought I would include some of the other ways to promote your blog,

I have listed them in no particular order but all are important and they are all free
just a question of spending time and effort

Gaining Traffic through involvement in Forums
1. The most used forms of self promotion is participation in forums which should include your blog in your signature.

This does NOT mean join forum and just keep dropping stupid comments with your signature to gain traffic ( that just makes you look like a spammer ) but being involved in the forum putting forth your ideas and thoughts on specific subjects so people may want to visit your blog for more of your ideas, thoughts and knowledge on the subject.

Gaining Traffic Through Helping Answer Questions In Yahoo Answers

Of all the dozens of Answers sites the best by far I think is Yahoo Answers , it is well managed and controlled to stop spammers gaining a foothold and there are a large number of knowledgeable people who are involved making it a great place to ask a question and a great place to help with answers , at the same time telling more people about your blog. Check it out well worth the time and effort, As an extra bonus because of how well organized and controlled it is also indexed by search engines ( great bonus for backlinks and traffic ).

Gaining Traffic Through Involvement in Google Groups

I have mixed feelings about Google Groups if only they were better controlled to stop the spammers the concept and the groups could provide a great resource for many more areas ( like an updated Forum ) but from my checks I have found they are either only open by invitation and of those fully open to many are just a mess , I have found a few groups that are well worth the effort to read but they are few and far between .

Involvement in Wiki's

I do not have much personal experience but know of many bloggers who are involved in Wiki's including the largest Wikipedia who gain significant traffic through their involvement and sharing knowledge .

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