Sunday, March 16, 2008

Using Blog Roll and Stats Widgets For More Traffic

I touched on going out to other blogs and leaving comments in an earlier post, hopefully they will come back to visit you

But this time I thought I would include an additional piece of information , when you post comments it does not matter where you started from as your url / or blogger profile will provide a way to find out about you .

Now lets look at using your Blog Roll to gain traffic .

The important thing here is your blog roll can not be in an Iframe provided by another site but we will assume it is a bulk standard blog roll you have built up of blogs you like to visit ( this also works with a blog roll in Javascript ).

Each time you use your blog roll to visit another blog the information of who and where you have come from is available for any software / widgets that blog uses to monitor visitor stats. For the purpose of this I have just added site meter to this blog so you can check for yourself .

Now if you came from a link on your blog to The Power Guides Blog ( Must admit highly unlikely ) most likely you will see the Power Guides as your referrer you would see referrer as your blog now so can the person that runs that blog and other visitors if they are nosy about where the blogs traffic has come from . Some traffic monitoring widgets even display the information to all of the last 10 visitors who, where they came from etc. Now it may be that the person that runs the blog keeps seeing your site and decides to add your blog to their blog roll or they just pop out to check on blogs who have links to them , also visitors often will pop out to visit other sites because they might find them interesting.

It is also worth having a meter yourself to check who is visiting your blog often only one in 50 visitors might make a comment so it interesting to learn who else is visiting

If you want to have a play put a link on your blog roll to The Power Guides Blog you can take it off after you have seen how it works.

Or the next time you go out to blog with sitemeter ( from your blog roll )or one of the many other widgets available to monitor stats take the time to investigate.

There are a good 10 blog traffic monitor widgets out there I just chose sitemeter because quick and easy to use and only little tiny graphic

This can be a very important use of your blogroll even if you do not wish to comment on each post

hope it is fairly simple to understand if not drop me a comment


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  1. I was a SiteMeter fan, too, using it on 4 blogs, until today. They went live with a new user interface this weekend–with no warning of upcoming changes–and now the Details Report is bunched with others on the same page and you can't navigate through the items in the report with ease. In addition, the print in each detail item is so small that it is not legible. Without any warning, the conversion also changed all of my SiteMeter icons from numbers-visible to no numbers. It's a case of imposing their idea of a good interface on you and forcing you to adapt. If the interface were an improvement, I wouldn't mind the suprise, but it isn't. SiteMeter is also slower than ever. I'll be looking for an alternative for my blogs.