Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tips For Ideas On What To Write About

Ideas and using to Create Blog Posts To Post at Later Date

If you sit down with a blank sheet of Paper ( Or In our Case ) To Write A New Post it is often difficult to think of anything to write about so here are a few tips

Well if you have been a good blogger as we talked about in earlier posts when your surfing around I am sure you must see posts that remind you of some thing from your experience lets take a few examples

You See a post about a
cooking disaster on a cooking blog and remember your own disaster
A great horse ride on a local trail and remember a trail riding experience of your own
A Fish that got away every fisherman has those stories
Planting what you thought was one type of flower and when it came up was completely different

These are just a few examples , what you need to do is create a post about whatever even if you do nothing but create the title and save to write full post later, this over a period of time gives you lots of ideas to write your story or memory of that event.

My own most common way of ideas for creating new posts is when I am writing a post about one thing which reminds me about something else , So I always just create new post and save ready for later date.

Another way is when somebody makes a comment about an existing post which might ring bells that you could write a post about that subject

One footnote to this with blogger remember when you do write the post to go to post options and change it to todays time and date so it appears at the top of your posts

Hope the above helps
Writers block often goes away if you have the title already written and all you need to do is fill in the details

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