Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Using Adwords - Content Network To Gain Visitors

The Power of Advertising

What I Have Found Works Over Years

OK check out some earlier posts about gaining free traffic first before you think about spending hard earned money to tell the world about your blog
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So you have checked all those but you are not gaining traffic quickly enough so you decide you want to spend some money to tell the world about your blog and gain more traffic.

I decided to post this today as most of my visitors this last couple of days have come from my Adwords campaign telling the world about my blog.

OK here are a few facts
I have decided I want visitors and am willing to spend a little bit of money to do so ( $20 a day for 5 days ) that is what I have decided is my budget

The Adwords option I have chosen is Adwords - Content and using banners on Content Networks targeting the keywords of Blogs - Bloggers - Blog , Also only Targeting The United States
I created 4 different banners 2 at 250 x 250 and two at 300 x 250

Some stats from the campaign
Banners shown 100,000 times so nearly 100,000 people saw my banner
Roughly 100 visitors from Google Content Network

Total Visitors for the day 175 so some came back
Of those 100 visitors 50 just landed on the page and left within 00 seconds

So for $20.00 I gained 50 visitors who were interested in what the blog was about
at a total cost of $20.00

You can gain visitors from the content network much cheaper down at 3 cents a visitor and for other sites and campaigns I have gained visitors from Google's own search network costing 5 cents .

So what will I achieve for my $100.00

Well my banners telling the world about this blog should be seen by 1/2 million people , I should get about 500 visitors of those 250 who think what I write about is interesting and hopefully who revisit the blog or tell their friends or decide to add it to their blog roll to fellow bloggers as a useful resource

I will create a post at a later date about other ways to promote your blog through advertising which I have used for other projects including
Adwords - Google Search
Stumble Upon
Press Releases
Other Advertising Options I have tried and failed

The one thing I can tell you I have learned over the years using Google Adwords is
The text of your ad or how well your banner is crafted can make a significant difference to the cost of obtaining a visitor and the page where you are sending your visitor to on your campaign must match what the add says , this gives you the best results ( In Google Terms you will often here this called the quality score of a campaign )

One other thing I would advise is if you are signing up for Adwords sign up for Analytics at the same time , I will create a much more detailed post at a later date about what a great product it is and FREE.

I have used Urchin which is what it is based on for five years and on some dedicated servers payed $2,000 for the software long before Google bought it and made it freely available

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