Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Continuing to slim and trim links On This Blog

I am continuing to tune this blog for SEO so thought I would share some of tuning I have done in the last couple of days

1. Changing Archive Widget Settings One of the problems with not displaying the full archive Hierarchy is that is not easy to see all the latest posts ( As you can see I chose flat list as my option with Months ) but if you are a daily poster and using the full full archive Hierarchy option by the end of the month that would be 30 posts and as I explained in an earlier post the more posts out from a page the more diluted the link becomes so I decided to use my own RSS feed through Google Reader to create the Latest Posts widgets which is loaded through javascript so does not count as 10 links ( I used Google reader rather than Feed Burner because of the delays that can occur with Feed Burner updates )this saved me 9 outgoing links from the page but still allowed my visitors to see my latest posts.

2. Removing Labels and Implementing more Traditional Site Map The second decision was to implement a post as a sitemap where links will reside under the correct section , this can be time consuming as it is accomplished by a manual process but most non blogging websites use a sitemap for visitors and Search Engines to find other links on the site. At the same time I decided to do away with Labels this is not a great decision as labels can be used as an SEO tool but I found to categorize posts correctly I sometimes needed to identify a single post with 3 different labels and feel I have better control this way it also means I could decide to split into two sitemaps at a later date as the numbers of posts rise ( 1 for just The Power Guides Updates and One for Blogging SEO, Writing, Tips and Ideas ) this tight control does come with a cost in time and resources .

I am also using the Blog Hack implemented in the last post as part of the scores on the doors

So Scores On The Doors Now after further blog tuning

Total Words On Home Page 652
Unique post words 357
Percentage of Unique Content on home page roughly 56%

Total Links Out From Home Page ( Tool Used Xenu ) 41

Total Words ON Post Page 574
Unique Posts words 357
Percentage of Unique Content on post page roughly 62%

Total Links Out From Post Page ( Tool Used Xenu ) 37

PS One further thing I will implement when time available is to exclude every widget from my sitemaps page so decreasing the other outgoing links from that page

There is an earlier post explaining how to use Google Reader under our Google Tools section on the Sitemap

Graphic for Archive Settings Below

blogger archive settings

The tuning on this blog does not Necessarily mean the blog will be found at the top of the search results but does make the blog act more like a traditional website rather than a CMS which is what it is.

A CMS By default can cause significant duplicate content through labels and archives and I will discuss at a later date on other ways to help with this very thorny issue that can cause the wrong pages to end up in supplemental hell and not being included in Search Results.

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