Thursday, March 20, 2008

Getting More Comments

For most bloggers one of the signs of success is how many visitors comment , it shows they took the time to read your post .

So can you increase the number of comments you receive easily an Emphatic YES with just a little thought

OK lets say you wrote a post about why the bees are dissapearing and did lots of research to create a well informed article explaining some of the reasons , and telling some of the the things we could do to help .

Now all you need to add at the end of the article is something like

Do you have any good ideas to help ? please leave a comment and share


Is this a big problem for all us gardeners and have you noticed less bees in your garden ?

If you notice all we are doing is encouraging a way for our readers to be more involved and add their views or knowledge on the post

Lets take a different post about something else as an example

You may or may not know there is an Avian Flu outbreak in Hong Kong which has caused schools to be shut down early , I personally have seen little on this in the American Media but check out the BBC for more informed commentary, anyway back to the point of the post

My own view is that US News would rather talk about who got booted from American Idol than provide world news we should be told about

So If I had written that article at the end of the post I would have added

Do you think our news covers other world events well enough to keep us fully informed ?

Once again asking for audience participation in our blog post

Hope this has provided some ideas to gain more reader participation in your blog

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