Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Written My Post Why Is Nobody Visiting

This is a follow on from my last post

You Wrote A Post About your Border Collie

So you wrote this great post about your Border Collie how Intelligent, Cute, Loving and just the best dog in the world and you have included some cute picture ( What makes you think I love Border Collies Myself and have one ).

So now what do we just sit and wait for somebody to visit us ( not going to happen ) but you can check your blog post is available and this is how usually check in the 1/2 hr to 2 hours range then your blog should be found

Blog Search

I will take my last post as an example in my last post yesterday I wrote these words "own piece of the internet" as part of the article .

1 I went To blog search and put those words in

I came up with those words as number 1 in most relevant but because there were thousands of posts using those words since I posted on the forth page when sorted by date

own piece of the internet ( now you may come up automatically ) default on blog search is
Sorted by relevance but if you don't don't panic try the sort by clicking The Sorted by date

Your best chance of finding your post might be to use "Border Collie Spot" Spot is my border collies name if you used your border collies name in your post then you would use Border Collie XXX

if you posted in the last couple of hours you should see your post about your wonderful border collie in sorted by date.


So now how do we get people to visit
try this
put Border Collie in Most Relevant

even if yours does not come up it may give you a starting point to find other bloggers who talk about their Border Collie's pop out to blogs who come up and comment on their Border Collie posts.

Now when you created your blogger profile maybe you included Border Collies in your interests so now you should be able to find other bloggers who are interested in Border Collies go out to their blogs and make a comment. ( When I checked there were 17 other bloggers who included Border Collies in their interests , Now maybe you put dogs in your interests you will find over 20,000 other blogs who have included dogs as an interest pop out to a few of those and make comments if you find their posts interesting

PS to do this check my profile and try clicking on my interests " Border Collies or Dogs

The more blogs you go to the more bloggers will pop back to your site to make comments and thats the easiest and quickest way to gain visitors.

This is a quick and easy way to have people visit your blog , do not try to force them to visit just make a comment on how great their dog is and you love the photos and something along the lines my puppies will never stay still for photos, I can not tell you what to comment just make your comment interesting and they may want to read some of your posts.

I will try to cover some other area's of telling the world about your blog in my next post



  1. Hi Steve,
    I really didn't know what you were refering to when you posted about dominating your page, but I'm glad you commented regardless. I didn't know of your site and am happy that you found me. Looks like a good service you're providing.

    Cheers! (By the way, I've linked to powerguides on our site. Also, question: Can I get on your food list as well? If so, what do I have to do?).


  2. hi colleen what is the blog you wish for me to add to the power guides, we do only add a blog into a single guide ( the criteria for inclusion is 60% of the content or more must be to do with the subject of the guide )