Friday, March 21, 2008

Should You Pay Per Post ?

The Internet continues to evolve and one of the latest innovations is called Pay Per Post using middle man / website. ( Please go to to the end of the page about e-mails coming out of the blue offering to pay you to post about a product or service )

What Is Pay Per Post ?

Pay Per Post is when one Company / Blogger pays a Blogger to write a post about their products or services .

How Does It Work?

There are now a number of websites you can join as an advertiser or publisher and the website acts as a middle man and joins the two parties together.

How Much Can You Earn As A Publisher ?

The amount you are paid will depend on how popular your blog is ranging from $5.00 up to hundreds of dollars but most will be in the $5.00 - $20.00 range for a single post.

How Much Will It Cost as an Advertiser ?

If you are serious in using it as a form of promotion for a product or service and to create a buzz, allow for $5,000 to $10,000 dollars , if you are just trying to get a few decent links to improve search engine rankings allow from a couple of hundred to a thousand or so.

Advantages To Publishers / Bloggers
1. For some bloggers you can earn significantly more than you would on any other form of advertising.

2. If you pick your pay per posts very very carefully you can provide something useful to your readers , My own rule of thumb would be if you post a " Pay Per Post " and then feel you must post something of your own because the "pay per post" you published is off the mark from what your readers are expecting that post was not the best fit for your blog.

Disadvantages For Publishers / Bloggers
1. If you choose to publish too many "Pay per Posts" you will piss your readership off

2. The Search Engines are not happy about this because many / most advertisers are using this form of advertising to manipulate search engine results by gaining extra links and although Search Engine Algorithm's are evolving they still rely on links as a major part of ranking pages. Unlike the original way used by many webmasters to manipulate the Algorithm's which was just buying links around the net , this is much harder for the search engines to combat because it so similar to normal posting, I suspect they will find a way eventually to penalize both the sellers and buyers in this market and if you are caught and penalized you could be dropped from Search Engines. Even now it would not be that hard to find some pay per posts and penalize for example a blog that only talks about gardening suddenly writing posts about horse racing with links to a betting site would be easy to find and penalize.

Advantages for Advertisers

The advantages are many fold IF you can get the right bloggers to post about your product or service.

1. Great Backlinks from authority sites with the right target audience
2. Genuine leads who have been pre-sold on your product or service
3. Great way of creating a Buzz on the Internet to your target audience

Disadvantages For Advertisers
The current offerings are really designed for a very quick turnover of posts and from some I have seen your adds end up on sites where you would not want to be seen instead of the correct target audience which would provide you with genuine visitor prospects and a valuable good backlink. Plus I also suspect the Search Engines are building a database somewhere of bad neighborhoods who are well defined for multiple pay per posting which may well cause the link to be discounted fully. therefore wasting your money.

Unsolicited E-Mails offering bloggers to post about product or service

These are the ones as a blogger you must be very careful about and the only thing I can say is check-recheck and recheck again about what you are expected to write about and the company you would send your visitors to, and if you would not visit the site or tell friends to visit the site do not do it.

Many are for gambling ( Remember Online Gambling Is Illegal In The US ) or for pharma products. If you do get an email for a product or service you would be interested in and which is a good fit to write a post about then go for it apart from that run away as far and fast as you can.

Roundup of Pay Per Post

Pay per post can be a great boon to bloggers / publishers because it allows them to earn some extra cash ( If your readership is very static i.e. the same visitors most of the time Adsense / adds blindness can quickly kick in and earnings can be pretty crappy ) so provides a great alternative , but if you are going to get involved with pay per post then try to think of your readers first and then the money and if the "Pay Per Post" is a good fit for your readers then everybody wins if not don't do it.

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We will be publishing a possible idea for an alternative to "pay per post" in a later post to boost your income

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