Friday, March 21, 2008

Search Tools For Your Blog That Earn Money

Each Blogger Blog comes with the default search in the top left hand corner on the Blogger toolbar ( most people miss it and does not get used that much )

Graphic below
default blog search on all blogger blogs

The Best Alternative

If you have an Adsense account it is easy to create a Google search box to search your blog and even better you can earn money with it , ( Graphic Below ). I am a great believer in this as an option because it not only gives your visitors an easy search facility for your blog but you get paid if your visitors click on an add. I do have an educational site which has significant traffic and I was not willing to place adds on because the adsense adds that were displayed were of such poor quality and not suitable for target audience. But the little search box pays for the hosting on that site . Search can provide from 10% up to 40% additional income for a blog if well implemented.

I have included a graphic of where I would place it on this blog if I was to implement below as well.

Basic Adsense Search Box That earns You Money

where I would implement on this blog if I was to do so

The Third Alternative is Google's Custom Search Tool which not only allows you to search your blog but other sites or just pages you feel may help your visitors , you can also use your adsense account to earn money with this option , and if I implemented I would place in the same position as the other Google Search box , and example of a CSE created for this Blog and the power guides below and below that a graphic of some of the options you can choose when creating your custom search tool

Custom Search

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