Thursday, March 20, 2008

Using Photos & Images To Gain New Traffic

There is a rich vein of traffic to be gained for bloggers and from my checking around blogs over 70% do not tap this great traffic generation tool.

So Here are the steps to gaining that traffic

1 Insert Image or photo using standard Google add image tool
2. Now you have inserted the image find the the following in the code alt=""
it is shown in the graphic in yellow highlighter

3. Where you see the alt="" put your description between the "" like this
alt="this is where I have put my description of the photograph so the photo will be indexed by Search Engines because I have the SE''S by telling them what the picture is"

This is the first example with no description in alt tag

This shows the alt tag with a description

Alt tag now with words to describe how to gain traffic through adding description to an Image in Google and maybe be found in Google Image Search

In the case I have chosen which is just a couple of screen captures a description is not that important but suppose you had a great photograph of a humming bird in mid flight you had captured with your new cannon digital SLR camera why not put the description of "Humming bird in mid flight you had captured with my new cannon digital SLR camera" in the alt tag for that photo

There are a couple of gains the
1. First when somebody surfing with IE runs mouse over photo they see the description
2. Search Engines index images in a separate database for use in image search so say a searcher was searching for humming bird pictures with Digital SLR your photograph may well come up number 1 for that image search

This is one of our suggestions from The Power Guides Blog to help increase your traffic to your blog

If anybody is interested I use a tool called Snagit to capture the various images you will find in this blog , great little program that is cheap and easy to use

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