Monday, March 3, 2008

Removing Blogs

We monitor Blogs for the following three criteria before removing

1 Content not match Category ( sometimes from visitor feedback and sometimes when we pop out to monitor blog posts ) Thanks Daffy for helping with this

2 If a blog has been dormant for longer than 4 months we will delete so we have just deleted and with last post in October ( this week 18 deleted for this reason )

3 If a blog posts on average of more than 6 times per day ( deleted fashion newsweek ) , this is not because Fashion News Week was a bad RSS Feed but because we do not wish the large RSS feeds to dominate the smaller blogger

4. Rehash of other bloggers efforts with no new ideas to offer


  1. Any time.
    I just thought I would mention that I have been removed from far classier places.... ;o)
    ok. no hard feelings and just to prove it I have added your service as a link on my non-descript blog. :o)

  2. Daffy
    Thanks for the link very grateful

    But no offer to take up Horses Oh My where is your spirit of adventure

    Of course as a brit ( Southern Lad I'm Afraid but don't hold that against me ) living in the US but I do remember that to have horses would need large bank balance with land being the cost it is in that green and pleasant land

  3. Ah a softy southerner! I'm from the hardened (Frozen?) North East. :o)
    There is a donkey that lives on the hill over the road from me.... will that do?
    As for the large bank balance... well I have two teenage children and husband with a fishing habit... it will never be large!

    :o) OK. Call by and say hi whenever you are passing...