Sunday, March 2, 2008

Inclusion of Blogs In The Power Guides

Inclusion In The Power Guides

1 Blog must post between 5 and 120 posts per month ( From 1 post every 6 days to a maximum of 4 posts per day )

2 Blog must be 75% focused on a specific subject

3 Blog Must be user friendly without popups - popunders etc.

4 Blog must contribute something different not just rehash of other blogs

5 Blog must have been online for over two months and have enough good content to be worthy of inclusion together with other requirements above

We add about 250 new blogs each month and remove about 10 - 20 blogs each month due to lack of Posting

If your blog is not included in a section please fill in the form on that guides page with details and we will check your blog out

We do not charge for inclusion or insist you put a link to us ( if you decide to though would be nice ) . All links posts and the blog roll for each guide is maintained by us for the good of each community it serves.


The Power Guides


  1. Hello there. I was just wondering how I was added to the search engine for gardening blogs? Not that I mind! I've had a couple of lovely visitors who I have returned visits to and enjoyed the blogs very much but I would hate to mislead good natured readers. If it helps at all I am a wannabe gardener! :o)

  2. I must admit On looking at your blog I am not sure how I included you and have now removed you from gardening ,

    Sometimes when I surf around I find the latest few post about a specific subject and make a snap decision that the blog is mainly about that subject even when .

    I feel guilty now for removing you but I am trying to build the best resource for both fellow bloggers in specific areas to keep in contact and for visitors looking for bloggers on specific subject matter


  3. *sniffs*
    Ah well... my mum always said it was better to be honest. You may have passed through when I was bragging about my lone crocus. (croci? ;o)
    Don't feel guilty.... I may take up fishing soon. :o)
    this is a very good friend of mine who blogs under the title of Plot 124, it is predominantely about his allotmenteering. :o)

  4. Your wish is my command and I have added the blog you recommended

    Hope it makes up for me being such a misery and removing your blog

    Must be honest it is great to add new good blogs to the guides

    Unlike so many of the Directories / Guides I do not ask for links just hope people will find the project I am creating and pop over and visit or use the little widget .

    My suggestion must be to buy a Horse ( Go On ) you know you want one and start up a horse blog heheheheheh of Course there is the little problem of Pasture / Feed / and learning to ride but these minor difficulties can easily be overcome


  5. Thanks for adding my blog. Obviously most of us blog to share our thoughts and experiences with as large an audeince as possible and your list can only aid us.

  6. My thanks to Daffy for suggesting my blog and to yourself for including it! I see that there are lots of garden blogs that I'll shall spend far too much time looking at.
    I'll add you on to my blogroll and give you a linked mention in a not too future entry.
    Cheers, and thanks again.

  7. Thanks Flighty ,

    I will be doing the Gardening Maps soon maybe in the next week or so glad you like the guides must admit can be time consuming but also good to build the number of visitors through enlarging your online community


  8. I remember when I was 'one of the gang.......' briefly.... until I was removed....


  9. Daffy
    You Northerners are all the same starting on us poor little southern lads hehehehe

    Why do you think I left good old england just couldn't take the heat so ran off to America