Monday, March 3, 2008

New Starting To Add Blogger Location Maps

We are now creating maps to go with each Bloggers Guide when applicable the first to come on line are Bird Watchers, Horse Lovers and Gardeners check them out still loads of blogs to add but pretty cool to find bloggers interested in the same subject near you

Find Top Gardening Bloggers On Google Maps

Find Top Horse Bloggers On Google Maps

Our New Bird Watcher Blogs On Google Maps

Following a complaint from one of the bloggers included about our use of their profile picture to provide the click through to their blog we have decided to not use profile pictures but only text for linking through to the Blogs.

I must admit I think this is a shame but I do not wish to P??? any bloggers off so will standardize on text links. If you would prefer to have a picture identify your site please contact us and we will use that instead.

If you want to check out how you can implement on your own site check my wifes Horse Blog where you will see the use of maps and latest posts.

Midwest Horse


  1. What a fun idea! I garden for wildlife, so not solely birds.

  2. A wildlife Gardener
    Gardeners Bloggers Map should be on line by next week

    Feel bad I left them till now but wife would have beaten me if I had not done her preciouses horse lovers first, and she pointed out that I had not completed yet so maybe I should finish her Horses one first ( Suppose the idea did come from helping her horse community ) so better do it first