Saturday, March 8, 2008

Creating Your Own Social Network

Social networking has taken off beyond any expectations with blogs, and social networking sites including Myspace, Orknut, Friendster, Facebook and many others there are so many. Now with a little thought and work you can create your own social network that you friends and family can use and share for free from Google.

Steps needed to create your own family and friends social networking

Create a Google account and Join Google Reader and enter each of your friends and family blogs an easy to use guide created here Google Reader Help Guide you can even choose to have other family members collaborate on creating your family and friends reader list.

This will provide you with the starting point to create family and friends latest 5 posts or a Family Blogroll. The latest posts and blogroll can be used as a widget on your blog or on any of the community members you wish .

The final piece of the puzzle is creating your own Google Personalized Map with the locations of community members where you can also put a photograph . Help Guide Creating Your Own Personalised Google Map
for Creating Your Own Community Google Map.

The map can also be created as a widget for blogs and websites

There is also the use of Google Talk which allows you to not only chat through an instant messenger also with the use of headphones to be able to talk to each by just clicking the call button

Any family and friends who have an existing blog all fine but if members of your community do not have their own blog set up a family blog and let them collaborate as members of that blog ( this allows them to post their own posts ) but not change or delete the blog by accident.

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