Saturday, March 8, 2008

Creating Your Own Community Google Map

Clicking any of the graphics will make them larger and easier to view

1. Open Google Maps and choose My Maps

2 Fill In the name of your map and some detail and also click the privacy settings so your map will not be found in Google Searches

Now enter an address or Town, City, State Country for your first entry as you can see a small downward green arrow shows that location.

Next there is a little blue balloon which is the placement tool click that once

Next fill In the Information the one below was done using rich text which allows you to add links or pictures and words

Then we just add as many more as we want to create our family map we can include as much or as little as we or they want added maybe facebook account id, picassa albums, link, email link, picture, their blog, birthdays, etc etc.

Save when finished and click done

now we can create our links to our Community Map

Our Community test Map

View Larger Map

You can change the size of the map by using the Customize and preview embedded map link .
And lots more besides

Have lots of fun and don't worry if you mess it up just delete it and start again


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