Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Useful Blogger Hack To Help With Unique Content

I can take no credit for this hack , I found it here I consider it a Good Blogger Optimization Tip

Let me explain on an earlier post I discussed the amount of unique content on a page and that the more unique content the better , but we all like to add things to help our visitors understand what our blog is about

Or in the case I am using you will find the two below listed on the homepage but not on individual posts, now it is only 92 words but it means that the percentage of Unique Content on Post pages is higher than before , in the case of most posts the amount of unique content on a post page is nearly 10% more ( read earlier posts that explain why this is good. )

Blogs Deletetion
All blogs not updated in the last 30 days are deleted from Our Guides

About The Power Guides
The Power Guides was created to help bloggers with specific interests find other like minded bloggers and to check out the latest posts from their community This Blog was created to update changes on The Power Guides and to help fellow bloggers by passing on some of the information I have learned since starting Blogging , Especially with regard to gaining traffic.

Check These Two Pages to see the difference

Power Guides Home

Power Guides Ordinary Post Page

This is a hack that requires you to backup your template and edit the HTML it can be daunting but if you take it slowly can be very rewarding both in look and feel of your blog but also in better Tuning for your blog for SEO.

There is also a hack on the same blog for only showing a small snippet instead of the full post on the home page and I will discuss that at a later date

Steve let me know how you get on ( I spent about 15 minutes ) doing this hack you could do it much quicker but if yoy feel better do it slowly

PS One piece of advice if you have multiple widgets you wish to stop display on post pages do one at a time.

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