Friday, April 4, 2008

Google The King Of The Internet

Google is still the undisputed king of Search and with many of the companies they have purchased and the additions to the portfolio are becoming the Undisputed King Of The Internet

Google Search still the best search ( sometimes takes a while to catch up with spammers but does do eventually )

Google News ( To search local news but honestly seems to be lacking many great sources ) maybe should be combined to use the best news blogs and there are some great ones

Google Images ( simple and quite powerful but I think ASK is slightly better now )

You Tube ( With problems re: Copyright ) But the epitome of Web 2 whatever that is?

Feed burner ( Will most likely become the standard in Feed Technology )

AdWords ( Advertising for all on a semi-simple platform )

Reader Simple To Use for anybody and everybody

AdSense ( Allow the ordinary webmaster to pay towards his hobby and the very large sites to monetize easily)

Blogger ( Blogging for the ordinary man and easy to use, my wife non techy gets so much pleasure from blogging about her horses )

Google Maps ( Of them all this is I think the best as easy to use and will provide a great income stream later through local advertising )

Gmail has now set the standard that all the others will need to match or better free but financed through low profile advertising

GTALK this has not become the standard yet but when combined with free Internet access through VOIP may dominate the market

Google Apps ( this is the Microsoft killer if it does make major inroads into the Business arena )

Picasso Not as good as some of the other offerings but close enough not to be dismissed

and finally to protect it's core product
Google Customised Search ( not fully there yet but may provide Google with a good additional base of trusted resources ) and real people with knowledge in the subject are creating this knowledge base for free long way to go but could be the spammers worst enemy together with The Google Toolbar

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