Friday, March 28, 2008

Money From Affiliate Marketing On Your Blog

I have referred in a few posts to affiliate marketing and thought I would explain how it works best for bloggers.

Additional Ways To Earn Money From Your Blog Include Affiliate Marketing

Done correctly it can provide a great additional source of income.

Most bloggers if they do become involved in an affiliate agreement just sign up with an affiliate company and add a few banners in the side bar , but you can do so much more and much better than that.

Rules Of Play

  1. Make sure the product or service will appeal to your visitors ( So if you run a gardening site why not spend some time on research on Greenhouses and take some time to create an informational review post) this will benefit your visitors who will appreciate the effort you have put in.
  2. If you post normally once or twice a day your visitors and the Search Engines will not object if you post a review about a product or service Once A Week ( Your loyal visitors may even be grateful for the information.
  3. This type of post is often referred to a Pre Sell which means when the visitor clicks on the link they are more likely to purchase.
  4. My advice is to also include a link to the competition , I am sure if you are looking round you look at multiple suppliers prior to your puchase
  5. Do Not just copy the description ( That is what spammers do ) and will be seen as such
  6. Only work with affiliate companies you personally would be willing to do business with

Remember if you P?? off your visitors by just trying to sell something so you make money will quickly lead to no visitors ( Plus The Search Engines will soon realize what you are up to )

OK few additional advantages

1. It is possible your contextual advertising for that post could also match the product or service which can be a bonus ( But remember loyal visitors will often become add blind over time )
Check my earlier post on How Contextual Advertising Works and remember the Contextual advertising may well think the most important and likely sales may come from Double Glazing , or Racking because you talked about the glass and the shelving in the greenhouse ( Remember Contextual Advertising is just a computer driven set of rules ) so not as clever as us humans.
2. If the post proves popular and you do gain sales then create a specialist area which just includes reviews of products and services ( this may then be used by your visitors as a long term resource ).

OK the question I have been asked most is how and where do you find these affiliate programs

Much easier than you think

Commission Junction Has thousands of companies registered who you can apply to join
including large companies like Walmart and just about any other you can think of

Clickbank is yet another

Amazon also has great affiliate offerings and will allow you to check out books or videos related to your niche and review them.

But beyond that is check out some of the companies you may use currently to buy products and services most if not all have some form of affiliate program ( sometimes it can take a little time to find but worth it. Remember this will also allow you to get the affiliate commission from something you want to buy for yourself so additional bonus .

The second question is How Much Will I Earn ?

Ok Depends on
  1. How much traffic you receive
  2. Are your visitors interested in that item or service
  3. How good your pre-sell is
  4. The amount of sales you generate ( More likely to produce dozens of sales for $50.00 item but only the odd 1 for a new greenhouse at $2,000 )
  5. The % of commission you receive on completed sales which could range from 2.5% up to 7%

Well I hope I have provided you some ideas of how you could help to earn some money for the effort you have put into your blog.

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