Tuesday, March 11, 2008

So You Got a Blog What The h??? Do You Do Now

Hmm well now comes the decisions

Who Is The blog for ?

1 Do You want to keep it as a personal journal similar to old fashioned hand writen diary or journal

If so just choose in settings permission just blog author

2 Do you just want family or close friends

If so Just choose in settings permission only those I invite

By default Blogger defaults to everyone

The choices above are designed for journal self of family you can also invite friends or family to participate in creating the blog via permissions add authors.

What is the blog to be about ?

Most blogs are written about life including the trials and tribulations of the authors life or comments on what is going on in their world and in the wider world .

Others are written which allow the blogger to express their disgust or praise of some of the news and current events and just provide a means to vent frustrations

Yet other blogs are used as a means of sharing knowledge or common interests or asking for advice on a specific subject ( my wifes is a blog about her horses and has allowed her to meet, converse and publish things about her horses including her love for them. These also include many other hobbies / passions ranging from art to yachting .

The great thing is with blogger for example is you could start with a personal blog about your life and realize what you really want to write about is your passion for gardening and create another blog just about your garden.

So now you have your blog what the h??? do you write now .?

Don't be daunted just write what comes to mind it could be about the idiot who cut you up in the traffic today and what you would do to make drivers better or it could be about how the kids played you up today or the cat looked so good laying there you took a photo and decided to share it with the world .

Nobody will judge you it is your own little piece of the internet you may want to talk about planting your new bulbs and why you chose those bulbs or you could just say "today was a crap day I hope tomorrow is better" and why it was such a crap day.

All you need to remember is this is your own piece of the internet and you can express your views and feelings.

Now a couple of warnings , do not make to much information about yourself public in things like your profile so maybe use a different name , do not give out your address , you could put a state and country or even a city if it is a big city, but my advice is always err on the side of caution there are some weird people out there, plus if you talk about your job and what a twit your boss or a fellow worker is try not to identify them or your self . Also be carefull about what you say about others THINGS COME ROUND THAT GO ROUND and none of us are perfect.


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