Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Google Presentation Tool Using On Your Blog

A quick guide to how to use Google Presentation to provide easy to show content on your blog, The first presentation provides an overview of what it can achieve , the second presentation is a practical use I used on another blog.

One more great advantage to this Software is that if you wish to add or edit a slide you do not have to change the code on your page.

Below is an example of using Presentation Software in a practical way on a blog

Borrowed From The People History Blog showing World War I and World War II Posters

World War I and World War II Posters

Slide 1

Example Of Using Google Documents

I Wanted to display a series of old World War I and World War II posters on The People History Blog , to also include some text in an easy to use experience for my users.

I had tried using a Photo Slide Program but could not include the text description to go with each poster so this is how I chose to create this post

Slide 2

Not as strong as Powerpoint
With a number of Basic Options

But it's free and ideal way to present this style of information.
Advantages Include
  1. Easy to share with friends
  2. Drag and Drop Works Well From Other Browser Windows
  3. Very Easy to Implement On Your Blog

Slide 3
Things To Remember
When Using Google Presentation

The Search Engines will see nothing to index on the page unless you help the Search Engines by including text after the presentation.
I Could Not for the life of me find a spell checker
The number of themes is limited but enough for this type of project
I did find it slowed down as the the number of visitors increased who were viewing the slide

Slide 4

This only shows the uses of this type of Application on A Blog

I have just used this as an example of using this application on a blog but there are many more
  1. Collaboration On A Presentation
  2. Showing your presentation around the world
  3. Putting A Presentation On Your Website

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