Monday, November 10, 2008

Wood, Corn and Pellet Burners

Cumberland Stoves residential multi fuel bio mass burning stoves Some time ago Callie posted on her blog about our latest way to save on this winters fuel bills Cumberland Pellet Stove, We were so pleased with it we bought a second stove ( It is an old converted barn with 3 floors and insulation does not exist ) . So now they are both installed and the joy of having a warm home all rooms is a joy and I am sure we will save plenty on our gas bill ( One month last year hit $1,600 for a month ) . The Pellet stove picture on the left goes to the manufacturer that we used.

Well because of that and after a lot of research I have found there are over 30 Wood, Pellet and Corn burner manufacturers .

I have created a page on The Power Guides providing a full list of manufacturers and links to their websites Pellet, Corn and Wood Burning Stoves, together with some information about using these energy and environment friendly alternatives for heating your home

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