Friday, June 20, 2008

Set This Guest Book Up For Bloggers

I created this as I thought it would be pretty cool to share .

I have created this to share with the great family of Horse Bloggers

But is also ideal for

Birdwatchers, Artists, Fishermen, Fashion and Clothes, Food and Cooking etc

Get 1 person to create it ( Find It on Slide )
then get others in your community to host a copy as well , great way to share within a community. PS I set it up for verify to stop spammers hitting it

The Front Picture I have used is of
Wild Horses on the Range from The Bureau of Land Management.

You can upload your photos of your horse or horses to share with other horse bloggers and you can get the code to add to your blog to get even more horse bloggers to join in.

I have enabled verify so we do not get spammers just adding c???, so may take couple of hours before you appear .

Guest Book Users do not have to enter email address to add your photo and greeting only if you want to be updated with latest guests

You do not have to have a blog to leave a photo or comment in the guestbook

PPS Great Idea from On The Bit to add your Blog Address I never thought of that

It comes from a site called slide .

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