Sunday, March 16, 2008

Farming Bloggers updated in the last few days

Sometimes when you start research it seems impossible that you will find new suitable blogs to include , Our Farming Bloggers guide was a good example .

I had lots of RSS feeds for agriculture information from Government departments including state and federal but the actual number farming blogs was very weak , so I spent 2 days looking and searching because I knew there must be more out there and there was .

Over 2 days I managed to find an additional 70 farming blogs from every type of farming form the big thousands of acre beef ranches through to the small local homesteader trying to live off the earth.

It is even harder to do the research sometimes as I can spend 1/2 hr just reading some of the posts on a new blog helping me understand both how difficult it must be farming and also how rewarding especially at this time of the year with lambing and calving

Hope you like the new improved farming guide

I also created a Google Map showing farming blogs from around the world



  1. Hey, cool! I didn't even know you had a farming guide...and there I am!

  2. of course tracy just for you

    do you think it's comprehensive enough