Monday, March 10, 2008

Submitting to Blog Directories

The Power Guides is not a Blog / Website directory in the traditional sense , we do not require a link back for a blog to be included but if bloggers do it is appreciated .

Would you like to display any or all of these latest blog posts or Bloggers Maps on your blog or website or add your blog to our guides please Click Here

Our Guides are not designed to give an outgoing link as all links are contained in Javascript so will not be indexed by Google or other search engines. At least We Admit It

We believe our bloggers world maps will be picked up by Search Engines because they are in the public domain and do not require visitors to visit The Power Guides to use them for example our Horse Bloggers World Blogger Map has received over 1000 views in just over a week.

Our Latest Feeds and Blog Roll have also been left in the public domain example of Food and Cooking Feed Here which does not require visitors to access site to read the feed. This provides two advantages to the visitor because it has not been redirected to something like Feedburner and then through a fancy widget ( Springwidgets ) for example ( both great products by the way ) there is significantly less delay in seeing the latest posts. possibly as much as 2 hrs for a post to appear if through feedburner and springwidget.

Also Our guides have been hand built not through submissions but trying to find the best blogs for each guide and we do not include websites from commercial entities who often dominate most directory listings when they are rated according to traffic.

So this is about which directories to submit your blog to and why.

There are literally hundreds of Blog Directories out there some good and some bad , many are not fully indexed in Search Engines and some even use "No Follow" on their links to the blogs but expect and often insist that blogs provide them with a link.

In the next post I will give some details on those available and include my own scoring system which will depend on

Visitor Numbers to the directory
Whether you will gain a good link ( In Search Engine Terms ) will use tools to check
Overall Quality of Directory for visitors not Search Engines
Speed of page load
Specialist Blog Directories you should submit for the guides we have created so far
Services and tools they offer their Bloggers

The visitor numbers will not come from Alexa because the numbers are weak .

This will take me about 2 weeks to gather the information and I hope it will provide some guidance for bloggers both starting out and those with current blogs.

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