Friday, March 14, 2008

Generic Blog vs Specific Blog

This is a hard subject but it depends on if you are blogging to keep a journal of your family and life or if you want a large number of people to visit your blog and maybe even make a little money through Adsense or something similar

I am a firm believer in running one blog where you can post anything and everything about life , family, and the world we live in , but the disadvantage to this is how many people will be interested in all your views or seeing family photos .

The reason I am writing this post today is I was doing some research for adding additional blogs in our gardening guide and found over 100 blog posts I found interesting but when I researched further I found over 70 of the blogs where these great gardening tips and information included posts about anything and everything ranging from pictures of the kids, cooking tips, keeping chickens, embroidery and about current events.

Now these do not make the blog uninteresting far from it but very difficult to categorize ( Our Policy at The Power Guides is blog must contain 65% + content related to the guide it is included in ) so 70 blogs could not be included in gardening.

This does not make these blogs less readable and in some cases more readable but when our visitors for example are looking for blogs related to gardening the blog must be gardening focussed.

So here is my own advice continue to post to your ( Contain Anything about Anything Blog ) but if you have an interest in gardening create a blog dedicated to Gardening.

You do not have to post everyday but maybe once or twice a week with a roundup of what you did or did not do in your garden with why, where and when ( I suggest more posts but that is one option ).

This will allow you to submit to gardening blog directories , exchange links with other garden blogs and get like minded people to visit and comment on your blog

As more and more blogs are created it will become more and more difficult for your blog to be found unless you focus on a specific area



  1. Great bit of advice! I know that as I focus more energy on the Diaries, I tend to do less farm related topics over at Carpenter Creek. Readership at CC is dwindling, but the Diaries has increased 150% this past month.

    Hey, maybe for those blogs you spoke of with such random bits of this and that...maybe they'd fit into a homestead type guide?

    And have you got a photo blog guide?

  2. Tracy I am in the process of Creating A Photo Blog Guide and two others which may come on line in two weeks , I am also increasing a few of the others and creating some additional maps .

    I am not sure about homestead because as I am building our farming guide now I have a lot more actual farms than I did with more Homesteads blogs included