Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Please Tell Us What We Can Improve

This is a new site and a new concept designed for the end user to find the newest blog posts from around the world .

Unlike many blog directories we do not require bloggers to provide a link back to be included and criteria for inclusion is based purely on merit.

Tell us how we can improve our offerings or additional specific categories we should include.

We hope you like The Power Guides and what we offer, please tell your friends and if we have missed some great blogs in our existing guides please tell us and we will check them out and if good enough include them.

The site is designed with the end user in mind not as a directory for bloggers as there are already some great blog directories out there that you should submit to who will provide you both traffic and an important link for your blog.

The Power Guides

1 comment:

  1. Hi Steve,

    as you know, if you've been back to "Travels with Lucy", I only got your 'Comment' this week so I'll respond again here...

    Thank you! It was a great, little message which really cheered me up.

    And then I came to "The Power Guides" and found my blog on the MS blog roll. Wow! What a lovely surprise.

    I think the whole idea for this site is "powerful" (I wish I could do HTML!) and look forward to reading blogs in various guides and learning a lot more about life.

    It will be good to explore other people's interests.

    Just one thing: my MS eyes are not very good - please could you make the icons/links (esp. MS) bigger/bolder?

    Thank you, again, Steve. I'll spend a lot of time here.

    Love, Virginia